Milk of Human Kindness?

5 06 2015

There’s not enough people doing good things in this life … be one of them! Or get our of their way.

Metaphysical Munchies

Human kindness

There are many things in this world that pain me: Man’s inhumanity to his fellow man. World terrorism, hidden under fundamentalist propaganda. And the constant negativity of the media . But the thing that hurts my very soul is poverty.

In a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of.

We’re accustomed to (and slightly jaded by) the constant images of poverty in the 3rd World. However, the media coverage of poverty in the West is slim and almost nonexistent.

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A Reinvention of British Politics

15 01 2013

All I see around me is heartache and pain. Idiots and morons.


Does anyone care?

When I was a lad we cared. We cared about music and girls… we cared about politics and fashion… we cared about life and death… we cared about freedom and justice… we simply cared.

There was a reason why we cared; we had a pride in our nation. We had pride because this was a great nation. Great Britain. Not because we ruled other countries (which Britain was infamous for in the past), but because British citizens were outstanding. We had great politicians, great painters, great photographers, great designers, great entrepreneurs, great industrialists, a great banking system, and a great respect for the monarchy. 

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(British) Social Media Party – the political party that offers you more!

16 12 2012
A new British political party launched September 10th 2012: The (British) Social Media Party. “A cross-party party” designed to appeal to members from the full political spectrum.
generic multi-axis political spectrum chart

generic multi-axis political spectrum chart (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We believe in a state that allows individuals to take part in the decision-making process that affects their lives, to contribute fully to that society (and their own communities) to attain these ideals. United by a common belief in respect, equality, education, and social justice.

 –The (British) Social Media Party’s mission statement claims.

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Comic Strip: 2012 – George Osborne’s Autumn Statement

9 12 2012
Comic-Strip – George Osborne’s Autumn Statement
(Illustration credit: cyberpunk65)
Osborne really should have known
would come back to hit him… lol

A Punk in Parliament is the brainchild of CyberPunk65
(all rights reserved © 2012)


i-thorts’ i-Views:- A bizarre trip into the political looking-glass

8 12 2012

Still feel this way … and more lol

i-thorts' i-Views

My former-self has a habit of popping-up at the most inappropriate moments. Usually when I’m watching something on the news (I’m a real news-hound these days!), and often when a certain politician appears on-screen. Now, I’m a bit of a politico on the side, and this certain politician – let him remain nameless, but he could do with blowing his nose – really pulls the arrogant sod out of me.

I’ve undergone a change, a did a 180 degree turnabout from what I used to be. As a youth I was probably the most arrogant person you could meet.

I’m not sure if I’ve said this in my posts, or if it’s just in my bio, but I was a Conservative in the 80s (not a card-carrying-one I might add), but I believed the guff that Saint Margaret T proclaimed with all the relish and zest of a Young Tory…

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Banks in Crisis – A New World Bank Is In Order

7 12 2012

Reblogged from « Banks in Crisis – A World Bank Is In Order » and « Credit Crisis or Banking Conspiracy? »

Some believe that the double-dip recession was the calculation of the banking fraternity to ‘shear-off’ money from the public. That the planned sudden shortage of money was designed to effect money markets across the word; that it was engineered to put people into debt. Thereby, obliging countless millions (who have nothing) to those who have the supply of money – banks and money funds Serfdom by the back-door, as it were.

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Hello world!

4 12 2012


The initial decision…

Two weeks before my 47th Birthday I decided I’d like to be an MP. But things are not always as they seem…

Is politics on the decline?

In 1945 72.8% of the electorate voted in the General Election – by 2001 that had dropped to just 59.4% – but in the last General Election, of 2010, only 65.1% of electorate bothered to turn out. (Figures from Turnout45.htm and exclude votes deliberately or accidentally spoiled.) Read the rest of this entry »

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